Everyone at the office has provided me with the best customer service. I am very please with their excellent service , thank you Doctor , my toe nail is mostly healed .
Deysi A. | Nov 26, 2023

Amazing and caring physician I can’t tell you how grateful I am to him and his office manager !!
Arusiak K. | Nov 19, 2023

in and out quickley good work
Matt A. | Nov 19, 2023

The experience has been great, the doctor and all staff have been extremely helpful.
Louis K. | Nov 17, 2023

The doctor took time to discuss options with me and the vista never felt rushed great experience
Jeannine C. | Nov 17, 2023

I really liked Dr Santander. He was very informative and helpful. I’m happy he is my doctor.
Roberta I. | Nov 03, 2023

Always listens to my concerns
Cheryl L. | Nov 02, 2023

Clean and good
Vichiyan S. | Nov 02, 2023

These guys are so good. They are patient and don’t rush you and they listen to you when alot of doctors just rush you in and out. The office has always put me in for my appointment on time: which is nice.
Steven V. | Oct 30, 2023

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Wheeler and his staff. Even though things have not gone as planned for me or I had hoped for, Dr. Wheeler has stuck by me and explained reason’s and what has to happen going forward. He has always been caring and concerned and certainly does not give up on situations that did not turn out as planned. His confidence and caring for me has been outstanding to say the least and I would highly recommend him and his staff for any kind of foot or ankle problems.
Kathleen H. | Oct 27, 2023

Dr Santander is very nice and explains what he is doing and any special instructions in a way that is easy to understand.
CAROL B. | Oct 27, 2023

no one dr
HUSSEIN K. | Oct 26, 2023

Dr. Dawoodian is a skilled practitioner- concerned, knowledgeable, and affable. You couldn’t ask for better.
Maric Y. | Oct 15, 2023

Excellent doctor, person. Caring, skilled, all around thumbs up! Our experience was superb!
Kathy D. | Oct 08, 2023

Competent & professional physician
Hasmig A. | Oct 08, 2023

Excellent doctor I believe
Richard F. | Oct 04, 2023

Dr. Wheeler is a very nice and generous person, nice clean office and good staff.
Armando H. | Sep 22, 2023

minimal waiting time – Dr. Wheeler took care of my problem with great care.
Theresa S. | Sep 21, 2023

Always very professional and informative. Just had surgery and am very happy withe the treatment I have received.
Jennifer R. | Sep 15, 2023

I feel very fortunate to have Dr. H as my doctor. Not only is Dr H. the best, the office staff is great as well.
Eden K. | Aug 24, 2023

Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Armen Y. | Aug 02, 2023

Great personable care!
Robert B. | Jul 26, 2023

Dr. Hirschbein is great and a pleasure to under his care.
Arman A. | Jul 21, 2023

Very prfessional, direct and to the point! Definitely would recommend to friends and family.
Robert M. | Jul 16, 2023

Dr. Is kind & caring. I do not feel he rushes. The staff also shows respect & compassionate
Ramona R. | Jul 11, 2023

Very professional and friendly
Josefina G. | Jul 11, 2023

Very friendly and and listened to me
Nadine C. | Jul 07, 2023

Great staff and knowledgeable doctor. I would highly recommend this office.
Gizelle A. | Jul 07, 2023

Doctor Armen Hakobjanyan is professional. Great team
Nataliya Y. | Jul 07, 2023

Friendly staff. Minimal wait time.
David N. | Jul 06, 2023

Very good Doctors for 2 years
Filiberto V. | Jul 06, 2023

Knowledgeable and personable? Not a long wait to be seen.
Jerry A. | Jul 06, 2023

Dr.wheeler is the best, and his stuff is the greatest
Marcos R. | Jul 06, 2023

Dr. Hagopjanian really cares about his patients health. I have experienced his professionalism 5 years with 6 surgeries on my left foot. While other sergeants suggesting amputation below knee. But Hagopjanian from very first moment was determent to heal my foot and put me in to regular shoe and succeeded, God Bless him, we need more of him to be a good examples in medical field.
Dickran K. | Jul 06, 2023

EDMOND K. | Jul 06, 2023

Dr wheeler is always very friendly, informative, and understanding. My visits are always pleasant. The staff is also very friendly .
Joe P. | Jun 16, 2023

Fantastic Doctor!!! I loved working with Dr. H and he has proven to be very knowledgeable. The staff is fantastic and very attentive. It’s been a great process and I would definitely recommend others to give this a try!
David P. | Jun 01, 2023

Dr. Ara Kelekian always provides the best professional services. He always provides easily understandable answers to your medical questions and provides excellent care. His staff is always great also.
Wayne F. | May 28, 2023

I still have both my feet because Dr. Dawoodian and an ER doctor were able to immediately recognize a rare but serious condition called Compartment Syndrome. One of my 2200lbs horses stepped on my right foot. I went to Holy Cross ER and x=rayed showed no breaks in my foot. But the quick and correct diagnosis of Compartment syndrome by Dr, Dawoodian and another ER doctor (sorry I forgot his name) is the only reason I still have both my feet. AMAZING DOCTORS
LAURIE F. | May 16, 2023

Dr. Dawoodian was knowledgeable, patient, listened well, and tailored his recommendations to my needs and budget. His treatment and recommendations were effective and solved my problem.
David O. | May 07, 2023

Very professional and caring.
Blanca H. | Apr 25, 2023

So happy you were able to help me on my way to continue my journey
Willie R. | Apr 24, 2023

I highly recommend being cared for by Dr Israel Santander. I’ll start by saying that Dr Santander is brilliant and equally as kind, a rare combination indeed. What a blessing. I walked, not so comfortably, in to my appointment with Dr. Santander bearing a lot of questions about the long-standing (pun intended) pain I have in my feet and ankles, knowing that my feet are the foundation,c and that the problems I’m having are likely linked to the pain I also experience in my knees, hips, and back. Dr Santander quickly analyzed my situation by listening carefully to me. He asked me great and directive questions during his evaluation. Then, after a thorough exam and x-rays, he showed me the results. He explained clearly what was causing the pain and why it was happening in each different area. Dr Santander, made sure I understood everything he said, welcoming and answering each of my questions. It was refreshing to be encouraged to be a participant in the diagnosis. Dr Santander considered my overall health and health history in coming up with a treatment plan to be sure that what he recommended didn’t create any problems for my kidneys, etc. He broke down each individual issue I am facing, outlined a treatment plan, and immediately started by giving the first of a handful of cortisone shots I will receive over the coming weeks. Dr Santander instructed me to ice and stretch, always a good idea as we get older, and he wisely referred me to physical therapy to support the plan, putting a referral into my hand. No excuses. Great accountability. I appreciate that very much. Much to my chagrin, Dr Santander also recommended better shoes and inserts. I asked, but will they be cute? He gave me that caring but serious look, the one you get from concerned family member or friend. So joking aside, he and his staff provided a few good brands so that I would walk out of the store with the most appropriate shoes to address my individual needs. He even prepared me for the high cost and told me not to cheat in my feet out of the best support they deserve. Dr Santander made it easy for me to understand and realize that my pain could be managed successfully. I walked, easier now, out of the appointment feeling so much better. We all want to be heard, provided with accurate, honest and helpful information so that we have hope and a clear understanding of an attainable plan of action. That’s exactly what I got from Dr Israel Santander. I’m grateful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus for everything, and and that includes Dr Israel Santander and all of the kind and helpful people working in the office. What a fantastic experience!! Warmly and sincerely, Karen Darryn Doctor of Audiology Educational Audiologist
Karen D. | Apr 16, 2023

Timely and quality service received from the doctor and his team.
Narek T. | Apr 10, 2023

Dr.Dawoodian is an excellent patient communicator. He has presence when he meets with patients, which makes patients feel they are being heard and understood. He is honest about what to expect and follows thru with complaints and requests.
Grace G. | Apr 08, 2023

Dr. Kelekian is amazing! He is a family doctor and we are so pleased with him taking care of our young daughter.
Joanna F. | Apr 08, 2023

Such an amazing surgeon.
Maria M. | Apr 03, 2023

I was skiing 32 days after foot surgery. Enough said.
Eric D. | Apr 03, 2023

Dr. H. has been my ankle doctor for a few years. He did my ankle replacement. I had some pain and I made an appointment. I was having Achilles pain. Dr. H. took x-rays and explained to me what needed to be done. He is very good at helping you understand the problem and what needs to be done to fix this problem. I trust his knowledge and his good results.
Elaine C. | Apr 01, 2023

Santander killed it in the or. Visited me before my surgery
Alan C. | Mar 26, 2023

Receive excellent care from Dr. Kelekian
Silvana B. | Mar 26, 2023

Dr. Dawoodian has exceptional bedside manner and really takes time to listen and offer options.
Daylene M. | Mar 16, 2023

Doctor is kind, explained everything clearly; staff always helpful.
Martha P. | Mar 06, 2023

Dr Hagopjanian is a wonderful doctor who has done 2 different surgeries on my foot and both have turned out with no problems and as a runner that means a great deal to me. I would trust him and only him. He is the best!
Victoria J. | Mar 02, 2023

Before meeting Dr. Hirschbein i was in a dark place. I kind of gave up and didn’t value myself nor my health. But Dr. Hirschbein make it clear to me that he didn’t see any fight in me any i look as if I’m giving up. I was angry that he said that to me, But i needed that harsh reality check. Dr. Hirschbein helped me by telling me what i needed to know not just what I wanted to hear. And for that I am forever grateful and appreciative to him and his wonderful staff who are all great at what they do. Dr. Hirschbein is by far the best Podiatrist in his field of work. Thanks alot for all you do not just for me but all your patients. Happy patient Darrell
Darrell R. | Feb 25, 2023

Wonderful Dr and staff.
Khurshid J. | Feb 23, 2023

Dr. Armen he did very good surgery on my leg few years ago (he did excellent surgery) & I’m very happy, because of my experience with him,I came back for my hill pain, that he diagnosed & I’m following with him to salve the problem
Catrina S. | Feb 10, 2023

Excellent care, successful surgery, happy with everyone
Daryl L. | Feb 01, 2023

Seen on time. Carefully cut my toenail. Advised treatment (OTC antibiotic ointment). Re-check in 3 months, sooner if a problem. Dr. Hirschbein is always friendly and answers my questions without rushing me.
Alan E. | Jan 31, 2023

Dr & staff very kind, compassionate & caring. I was treated also with great respect & promptly.
Ramona R. | Jan 28, 2023

Very helpful
Jesse R. | Jan 27, 2023

Great experience with the clinic, stuff and doctor.
Shirani B. | Jan 26, 2023

My mom and I are both very happy with how Dr. Dawoodian took care of my mom’s issue. He is pleasant, knowledgeable and very patient with us. I will highly recommend Dr. Alex Dawoodian.
Maryan F. | Jan 26, 2023

Very good experience…as always! Dr. Santander always takes the time address issues, explain clearly and makes sure to give clear direction for follow up care.
Christopher K. | Jan 26, 2023

Clearly explained my next steps.
Alex M. | Jan 24, 2023

Dr. Santander is amazing! He helped me in a dire situation with my foot and I am forever grateful for what he was able to provide me.
Brad M. | Jan 23, 2023

The doctor and staff were very courteous and helpful
Jose C. | Jan 19, 2023

Thorough conversations, easy to understand diagnosis.
Jeff T. | Jan 18, 2023

Great service
Aurelio G. | Jan 17, 2023

Dr.Kelekian is an excelent doctor who cares very much about my well-being.
April V. | Jan 17, 2023

As always, the staff and Dr. Wheeler are professional, polite, kind, and efficient.
Connie T. | Jan 16, 2023

Dr. Hirschbein is fantastic and would recommend him to anyone who wants a good listener and a marvelous surgeon.
Linda V. | Jan 15, 2023

The doctor was very gentle, explained everything completely. Great doctor.
Linda N. | Jan 15, 2023

Easy to make appointments and no waiting if you are on time. front desk very nice Doctor also professional and very nice
Ara B. | Jan 15, 2023

The staff is friendly and experienced. Dr. H is personable and professional! His explanations are short and concise and he demonstrates a sense of caring. I would highly recommend him without reservation.
Ar5 B. | Jan 15, 2023

Very friendly and supportive.
Christine M. | Jan 14, 2023

Dr Dawoodian was very attentive and made sure my concerns were answered.
Esther G. | Jan 14, 2023

Professional service and fast
Nazareth M. | Jan 14, 2023

Dr. Wheeler has a lot of patience with his senior patients. He is my favorite doctor from all my specialist doctors.
Maria C. | Jan 14, 2023

He is the best and understands what you are going through and knows how to handle the situation and put my foot back together love this guy
Michael J. | Jan 14, 2023

From the first moment he came in the room to tell me about my condition.i had great connection with his personality and he was very professional. I am very happy he was my Doctore. Thank you
Bahram A. | Jan 13, 2023

Dr Kalekian has helped me in so many ways. offering suggestions that in almost 3 yrs before seeing him by others, had never been offered…so appreciative
Kathleen F M. | Jan 13, 2023

Very good at procedures and very considerate.
Alan R. | Jan 13, 2023

I traveled from Washington State to California. In the middle of the trip, I unfortunately slipped on ice in norther CA and fractured two bones in my ankle. I knew I had a time frame in which to have the ankle surgery completed, due to swelling etc… Additionally, I was in California for the birth of my first grandchild. Dr. Hagopjanian was very booked but after his assistant heard my story. First grandbaby etc… Dr. Hagopjanian worked me into his tight schedule and performed my surgery. I am still in the boot but all went very well with the surgery. The office and staff are wonderful. He did a great job on the surgery.
Debra S. | Jan 13, 2023

Dr. Wheeler is very professional and very courteous and his staff is very nice and I would recommend Dr. Wheeler and his Office to anyone who needs a podiatrist.
Bruce L. | Jan 13, 2023

Dr. Wheeler is always helpful & professional. He listens to my concerns and offers alternatives and info with kindness.
Guillermo C. | Jan 13, 2023

Always pleasant, the staff is is very attentive, and Dr Wheeler is always professional, kind and informative!
Joe P. | Jan 13, 2023

very good doctor
MATT A. | Jan 13, 2023

No wait time. Staff and doctor very friendly and professional.
David N. | Jan 13, 2023

I love Dr H. He is a great doctor and has done two surgeries on me. Both surgeries went good unfortunately on my left foot, I had a prior doctor do two surgeries ( and messed them up ) . Dr H completed a revision and I no longer have issues with that foot . Lastly, everyone in his office is kind and his nurse always treats me with kindness. I would highly recommend this doctor
Deirdre P. | Jan 13, 2023

Thank God for Dr. Santander. Excellent surgeon, dedicated to his craft, compassionate communication.
Kathy D. | Jan 13, 2023

Dr. Wheeler is amazing and love his staff
TIMOTHY S. | Jan 13, 2023

Dr. Kelekian is an excellent Foot and ankle specialist! He recently addressed an ankle injury that I suffered, and with simple and correct shoe inserts relieved my ankle and foot pains! I use Dr. Kelekian”s expertise in my regular foot and ankle examinations, He is GREAT!
Wayne F. | Jan 13, 2023

I like Dr. Hirschbein’s gentle and reassuring manner. I never felt rushed, and he answered all my questions. I would recommend him to everyone.
Denise F. | Jan 13, 2023

The office ran on time and the staff was helpful and informative on a treatment plan.
Aaron K. | Jan 13, 2023

The whole staff is knowledgeable and committed to help. Thank you.
Grigor N. | Jan 13, 2023

Dr Wheeler fought for me to have this surgery. The MRI showed nothing from when I fell when having a stroke. I went to 11 sessions of PT and it was still getting worse. Dr Wheeler knew in 2021 that I needed to have a repair on the ankle. I was up front with him about me being the “Zebra” out in the field not one of the horses in the corral. I have medical problems and he worked to get the surgery last minute when Wellcare by Health net denied the surgery.
Cheryl L. | Nov 12, 2022

Dr. H is extremely helpful and professional. He takes the time to explain the procedure to ensure I was comfortable. Thank you
Richard G. | Nov 12, 2022