Sports participation is a great way to stay physically fit and mentally clear. However, playing baseball, football, and other sports can also increase your risk for sports injuries. At Los Angeles Institute of Foot and Ankle Surgery, the experienced podiatrists provide personalized care for foot and ankle injuries that result from sports. They offer non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical treatments to help you heal from sports injuries, so you can get back to the game you love. Call the office in Burbank, Santa Clarita, or Northridge, California, to schedule a consultation for sports injuries or book an appointment online today!

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What are common sports injuries?

Sports injuries can affect athletes of all levels. Many sports injuries involve the foot and ankle due to the repetitive movements many sports require.

Common sports-related foot and ankle injuries and conditions include:

  • Fractures
  • Neuromas
  • Ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis

Your risk of experiencing sports injuries increases if you play any type of team sport or if you participate in activities like aerobics, martial arts, or kickboxing. Injuries are also common in athletes that don’t warm up properly before practicing or playing.

When should I seek treatment for sports injuries?

Any time you get hurt while playing sports, you should get a medical evaluation. While you may not initially have symptoms, underlying tissue tears or stress fractures can cause complications if not treated properly.

The Los Angeles Institute of Foot and Ankle Surgery providers also recommend that you schedule a diagnostic consultation if you experience foot or ankle issues while playing sports, such as:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Inability to bear weight on your foot or ankle

Your podiatrist performs a physical exam and may order X-rays or other imaging tests to confirm your diagnosis. Based on the results of your test and the type of sports injury you have, they create a treatment plan to ease your symptoms and restore the function of your foot or ankle.

How are sports injuries treated?

Immediately after a sports injury, you should keep weight off the affected foot or ankle. You can use ice to reduce swelling and keep your leg elevated until your appointment at Los Angeles Institute of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

The podiatrists offer a range of treatments to address sports injuries. They focus on non-surgical therapies like anti-inflammatories, bracing, and physical therapy to ease pain and restore function in your foot or ankle.

If you have an ankle fracture or neuroma that’s not treatable with non-surgical strategies, they may recommend surgery. They use minimally invasive surgical techniques that only require small incisions to treat your condition without causing additional trauma to your body.

The Los Angeles Institute of Foot and Ankle Surgery providers also make resources available to lower your risk for additional sports injuries. They can recommend warm-up exercises to stretch your muscles and other soft tissues and may suggest specific footwear that protects your foot and ankle during physical activity.

Call the Los Angeles Institute of Foot and Ankle Surgery office nearest you to schedule a consultation for sports injuries or book an appointment online today.